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Energy in Transition
Carbon Projects
Eminent Energy collaborates with businesses and non-profit organizations on carbon projects to mitigate climate change. We explore the opportunities to invest in afforestation and reforestation initiatives, carbon capture and storage technologies, and emission reduction programs. Through these efforts, we aim to support global climate goals and foster a healthy, thriving planet for generations to come.
Biofuels and circular economy
Eminent Energy is committed to fostering a greener future through our expertise in biofuels and circular economy projects. We invest in innovative solutions that minimize waste, reduce resource consumption, and maximize value creation, all while promoting the adoption of circular economy principles. Our team collaborates with businesses to develop and implement responsible business models, transforming waste into valuable products.
Eminent Energy invests in cutting-edge renewable technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, and bioenergy to facilitate the shift towards a low-carbon economy. We drive innovation, create job opportunities, and contribute to the global goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by partnering with sustainable energy solution providers worldwide.
Eminent Energy excels in providing project financing solutions for assets within the energy industry.
We pride ourselves on structuring tailored financial packages, ensuring the successful development and operation of energy projects.
Our proven track record and in-depth understanding of the sector has established us as a reliable and knowledgeable partner in the project financing.
Project financing
Eminent Energy boasts extensive experience in investing and operating retail gas stations worldwide. Leveraging our industry expertise, we consistently deliver top-notch services and seamless experiences to customers.
Our global presence and commitment to excellence has positioned us as a trusted partner in both investing and supplying products in the retail sector.
Retail investments
By 2020, the terminal was fully operational, boasting a 750,000 m3 capacity, which has been entirely leased to a leading trading company under a long-term agreement.
In 2017, a collaboration with a leading infrastructure player was established to finance and construct a cutting-edge $230 million liquid bulk storage terminal in Belgium.
Storage terminal in Belgium
Actively trading derivatives on the EU ETS, California Carbon markets, and Voluntary offsets on CME, we contribute to a sustainable financial future.
Refined Products
Our global presence spans various products' paper markets, enabling diverse investment strategies and risk management.
Utilizing our expertise, we actively trade in the European LNG paper markets to capitalize on opportunities in this growing sector.
Crude Oil
From hedging physical cargoes to trading financial derivatives, our experienced traders excel in the dynamic crude oil market.
Eminent Energy’s focus is to provide sustainable supply of petroleum products to all our customers in various locations worldwide. Our clients include the biggest retail networks across the European and Asian regions.
Refined products supply
A large part of Eminent's business is physical cargo trading. Eminent has been operating in the crude oil market since 2010.
Crude oil trading
Physical trading is impossible without establishing effective logistics operations. As a part of our business, we work with the leading market players in the shipping industry.
Storage capabilities are a key component in Eminent’s business strategy. The company already uses several storage facilities for both crude oil and distillates. Through its storage capacity, Eminent can offer improved flexibility and availability for supplying buyers in key market areas.
Launch of cross commodity paper trading and voluntary carbon credits.
Expanding paper trading to the LNG market.
Launch of carbon paper trading on EU ETS Market.
Physical trading of crude oil and refined products exceeding 5 mln tons with an average annual growth of 8%.